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Instructions & Recommendations:
  • Allow about 30 minutes to take the test.
  • Test  should be done in a quiet area with no distractions. 
  • You must have a  computer with an external mouse for the test to be valid. All pop up blockers must be turned off  for the test to work. 
  • No cell phone's and all back ground music must be turned off
There are 6 different test sections  to the test. You will be given instruction before each sections on what to do. Please read carefully all information before you begin. It is not a intelligence test but  a test of your brain at this moment and time. 
It is important to do your very best and cheating will only hurt you in the long run. 
Here is the following instructions to take the baseline impact test:
2. Type in customer ID   EF41E3A1C9
3. Launch baseline test