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  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

    Trends in Substance Use Among Teens Parent Guidance Presentation

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014


    Hopkinton High School Auditorium

    Focus:     Grades: 4-9th Grade

    Presenter:   Ms. Shannon Mountain-Ray, MSW, LICSW

                            Director of Social Work,

                            Adolescent Substance Abuse Program

                            Boston Children’s Hospital


    Funding Grant:      Hopkinton Country Club Charitable Foundation


    A presentation designed for parents of 4th-9th graders, this talk will provide basic information about the trends of substance use and abuse among teens, and will focus on what parents can do to keep their children from using. Involved parents are the first line of defense against substance use, yet many parents struggle with how to address these issues with their children. Through this presentation, parents will be given strategies on how to talk to their kids about alcohol and illicit substances, and how to handle potential use.


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  • Parent Alert:

    Dangers of a Popular Social Media App: Yik Yak

    In an effort to keep teens safe, we wanted to make you aware of a recent trend in social media. Yik Yak is a social bulletin board displaying messages from people in a user’s area that can be voted “up” or “down” on the page.

    The anonymous social wall has been popular in Hopkinton Middle and High School. This app is free and easy to download. The app is location based and allows you to post whatever you want about whomever you want anonymously.  Its radius is limited to a 1.5 mile area, so it’s really a conversation by Hopkinton teens about Hopkinton teens. As the School Resource Officer, I have monitored this site and found some positive but mostly negative chats that are derogatory or may even be considered bullying.

    There are an infinite number of applications, so we can never eliminate or block all of them. Please talk with your children about what apps they use and educate them about the dangers of social media. If you have questions, please contact:

    Phil Powers                                                  Jean Vallera Vazza

    School Resource Officer                              Youth Services Coordinator

    508-497-9820 x 1004                                   508-497-9781

    ppowers@hopkinton.k12.ma.us                  jvazza@hopkintonma.gov


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  • September 3, 2014

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Welcome to Hopkinton Middle School.   We are excited to greet you and your child and look forward to this year. 

    On Thursday, September 4, all 8th graders should report to the Auditorium; all 7th graders should report to the Brown Gym; and all sixth graders will meet in the Doyle Gym.  At that time, their homeroom teachers will call out their names and/or homeroom designations, and students will proceed to their homerooms, where they will receive their locker assignments. 

    Each homeroom teacher will carefully review schedules with their students. Each student will receive a printed schedule on the first day of school.  With the exception of music and physical education classes, all related arts courses are offered on a trimester basis.  Subsequently, students will be issued a new schedule each trimester. The schedule that students receive on the first day of school is for trimester one. 

    Due to traffic congestion and dangerous pedestrian situations, drivers who are dropping off students in the morning and/or picking up students after school must follow the blue traffic flow lines.   Do not drive between rows of parked cars. 

    All students MUST be dropped off at the water tower/Brown Gym parking lot in the mornings.  Officer Phil Powers will be present to assist with traffic flow.  Please note:  If you are dropping off your student, please do not drop off your student BEFORE 7:00 a.m. The building is open to students at 7:00 a.m. 

    Please do not drop your student off in front of the Middle School building at the front entrance.  Dropping off at the front entrance near the Main Office is ONLY for late drop offs AFTER 7:30 a.m., when the building is locked.  For the safety of our students and staff, there should be no traffic in front of the Middle School building BEFORE 7:30 a.m.  

    Additionally, if you must come into the Middle School to conduct business, please do not park outside the entrance to the Middle School.  Visitor parking spaces are provided for you in the parking lot. 

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

    I am looking forward to an exciting and productive school year.


    Alan M. Keller


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  • Parental Permission for Google Apps for Education

    Dear Parents,

    Below is the message sent from the HPS Technology Team on Friday, August 29, 2014.  It is our desire to begin the year with students understanding and utilizing technology in a responsible manner, and the most efficient way is to frontload these lessons which is why I am sending this follow-up.  If you have not already done so, please follow the steps below to complete the Parental Consent Form for your child.

    Thank you,

    Alan Keller


    Over the past several years Hopkinton Public Schools has embraced Google Apps for Education as a set of productivity tools and a digital learning space. The use of online tools has grown in importance, and now is an essential part of teaching and learning in our schools. Currently, teachers and students alike use Google Apps in the classrooms to support learning, exchange ideas, and to improve student-teacher communication. Because of this, we are asking that you allow your son or daughter to use these tools beginning in grade 3.

    Beginning with the 2014-15 school-year, all Grade 3-12 students will be eligible for Google Apps for Education accounts. The District's Google Apps parental consent form (refer to link below) is designed to authorize student use throughout their schooling at Hopkinton Public Schools. This multi-year consent form allows students to benefit from the increasing capabilities of Google Apps while assuming greater responsibilities in the digital realm as they move up in grade level in our schools. Please be aware that parents may opt their children out of the Google Apps initiative at any point in this progression.

    To help answer questions and to provide more detailed information, we have created a website that provides specific details about the tools and various levels of access at each grade. To provide permission for your son or daughter to utilize these tools in the classroom, we ask that you fill out the online consent form. You will need to use your existing schoolwires account to login to the site to gain access to the form. Please click the link below to grant consent for Google Apps for Education.

    In addition you can access the information from the parents link on the district’s main website and click on the link that says “HPS Student Apps” At the bottom of the page there is a link that connects you to the form.

    Click here to complete the Parental Consent Forms


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  • Updated Fall 14 Online Athletic Form Information
    All fall athletes and their parents must now go online to fill out the athletic emergency and registration forms. Please visit the Athletic Webpage on the Hopkinton School Website to complete these forms.   If you have already filled out a paper form, we ask you to please fill out the new online form as well.

    Thank you, 
    Athletic Department

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  • The NEW Elementary School start times effective in the 2015-2016 school year are listed below:  

    • Hopkins:  Official start and end times 8:15 – 2:30
    • Elmwood: Official start and end times 9:00 – 3:15
    • Center: Official start and end times 9:00 – 3:15


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