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 Job #
 Title  Location
 15-96  GenEd Teaching Assistant(s) (Paraprofessional)  Center, Elmwood, Hopkins Schools
 15-98  Elementary Lunch Monitor(s)  Elmwood School
 16-03  Part-Time (.9) SpEd Paraprofessional w/ABA  Preschool
 16-04  Part-Time (.5) SpEd Teacher: Learning Specialist  Elmwood School
 16-07  Part-Time (.4) Administrative Secretary for Buildings & Grounds  District
 16-08  Part-time (~18.75 hours/week) Cafeteria General Worker  Middle School
 16-11  SpEd Paraprofessional w/ABA  Elmwood School
 16-12  Guidance Counselor; Long-Term Substitute  High School
 16-14  Science Teacher  Middle School
 16-16  Part-Time (8 hr/week) SpEd Paraprofessional w/ABA: Extended Day  Middle & High Schools
 16-17  Reading Coach (K-8)  District
 16-18  Part-Time (.9) SpEd Paraprofessional  Preschool
 16-19  Art (Ceramics) Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  High School
 16-20  Elementary Intensive Special Needs Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  Hopkins School
 16-21  Art Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  Middle School
 16-22  Part-Time (.5) SpEd Paraprofessional w/ABA  Elmwood School
 16-23  Math/Science Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  Middle School
 16-SUB  Substitute Teachers, Nurses, Teaching Assistants  District

 16-VGT  Varsity Girls' Tennis Coach  High School
 16-FBLX  Freshman Boys' Lacrosse Coach  High School
 16-FGBB  Freshman Girls' Basketball Coach  High School