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 Job #
 Title  Location
 16-100  English Language Educator  Middle & High Schools
 16-101  General Education Paraprofessional(s); Long-Term Substitute  Various schools
 16-102  General Education Paraprofessional(s)  Various schools
 16-103  Elementary Teacher(s)  Center, Elmwood, and/or Hopkins Schools
 16-104  Maintenance Worker (Grounds)  District
 16-105  Part-Time (19.75 hours/week) Custodian  Middle School & Floater
 16-106  Cafeteria General Worker  Elmwood School
 16-107  Part-Time (.8) Elementary Music Teacher  Elmwood School
 16-108  Elementary Assistant Principal (210-day)  Hopkins School
 16-109  Guidance Counselor  High School
 16-110  Special Education Paraprofessional(s)  Various Schools
 16-111  Cafeteria Cook-Manager  High School
 16-112  Executive Secretary  Central Office
 16-113  Moderate Special Needs Teacher: Learning Specialist  Middle School
 16-114  Adjustment Counselor (START Program)  Middle School
 16-115  Intensive Special Needs Teacher  Preschool
 16-116  Special Education Paraprofessional w/ABA  Various Schools
 16-91a  Intensive Special Needs Teacher(s)  Various schools
 16-94  Special Education Teacher: Learning Specialist; Long-Term Substitute  Center School
 16-95  Part-Time (.5) Intensive Special Needs Teacher  Center School
 16-97  Part-time (.5) Intensive Special Needs Teacher  High School
 16-98  Part-time (.5) Transition Specialist  High School
 16-HHT  Home/Hospital Tutors  Off-site
 16-SUB  Substitute Teachers, Nurses, Teaching Assistants  District

 16-ES  Preschool & Elementary School Stipend Positions  Pre- and Elementary Schools
 16-MS  Middle School Stipend Positions  Middle School
 16-HS  High School Stipend Positions  High School
 16-MHSC  Middle & High School Coaching Positions  Middle & High Schools
 16-NL  Nurse Leader  District
 16-HS2  Additional High School Stipend Positions  High School